Wegner Ox Chair By Hans J. Wegner, 1960

Wegner Ox Chair By Hans J. Wegner, 1960

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Stand for good design, even when you are seated. 

The Ox Chair by Hans J. Wegner is an iconic statement piece with an irrefutable presence. A bold, sculptural chair that challenged the understated aesthetics of Danish design at the time, with its distinctive headrest referencing ox horns and its voluminous body. It demonstrates his organic, artistic approach to furniture and desire to redefine traditional seating.

With his design of the Ox Chair, Hans J. Wegner challenged the prevailing sense of aesthetics when it was first introduced in 1960. Given its symbolic reference to ox horns, generous proportions and delicate frame, it was a bold, confident design in contrast to the understated approach to Scandinavian furniture at the time. Originally manufactured by A.P. Stolen, each Ox Chair was custom-made and upholstered with wool. The chair remained in production for two years.

Almost three decades later in 1989, Wegner approached Erik Jørgensen in search of a more viable method of construction. Known for his upholstery expertise, Jørgensen rose to the occasion with an innovative solution. Inspired by his trip to the Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli, Jørgensen saw the potential in using foam rubber to optimise comfort. The Ox Chair was subsequently relaunched at the Milan Furniture Fair and has experienced unprecedented success ever since. Demonstrating Wegner’s belief that a chair is only finished when someone actually sits in it.

 It is a demanding task to upholster the Ox Chair, requiring precision and a certain amount of physical strength. In fact, it takes a whole day to make one Ox Chair by hand.

Of the 500 chairs Wegner is known to have designed, the Ox Chair is arguably his most striking piece and a personal favourite he featured in his own home.

Wegner’s Queen Chair is an equal match for the Ox Chair’s masculine presence. Regal yet relaxed, the ample, almost cylindrical arm rests and high, majestic back echo the Ox Chair. The chairs share the same chromed-steel base positioned low the ground, which adds a light, lyrical aspect. The Queen Chair is one of Wegner’s most elegant lounge chairs, admired for its sophisticated construction and sculptural sensibilities.

The Ottoman is a perfect punctuation to the collection, adding to the pleasure of lounging. In a shape which echoes the seat of the Ox Chair and Queen Chair, supported by a chromed steel base.

Together, the Ox Chair, Queen Chair and Ottoman demonstrate Wegner’s organic, artistic angle on design, rooted in functionalism, with a focus on immaculate detailing and craftsmanship. Reflecting his ongoing desire to redefine traditional seating.