Soft Ice

  • The balance between a durable design and softness is alpha and omega for a soft sofa. And your Soft Ice does not melt. When you sink down into it, it takes the form of your body and therefore has a constantly new and individual expression, which is a mirror of your way of using the sofa. But it returns to shape quickly. It's just like a soft down pillow that takes the impression of your head, arms and hands when you hug it, and as soon as you let go and slap it a couple of times it returns to its original shape. That's exactly how Soft Ice works, and that's why you can never flatten it when you sit down.
  • Soft Ice is manufactured from litres and litres of super-soft polyurethane foam and down that has been poured into a large and strong sofa frame. The result is this fluffy - while at the same time masculine - sofa, which stands solid on 6 cm high wooden legs, appealing to the New Man.
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