Peter Maly Andirons

Peter Maly Andirons

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Working in partnership with contemporary designers such as Peter Maly and Marco Ferreri, and with its own team of engineers, Conmoto redefines fireside tools and accessories. The clean, low profile and practical nature of these designs have earned the company numerous awards. Conmoto produces in Germany and in Italy, with an attention towards ecologically friendly manufacturing process. Thus the birth of these hand forged beautiful fire tools was born and we're very proud to sell them for the private home.

Two piece andiron set. “I like working with clear, geometric forms. For me, they are the essential condition of their longevity,” notes designer Peter Maly. In his two-piece set of andirons, his sentiment is made visible. Distilling the form to its most fundamental, Peter Maly’s andirons are minimal and clean.

Materials /

  • Stainless steel

Dimensions /

  • W: 8.2" x D: 12.8" x H: 9.5"