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Lustre is the first stoneware object in the collection and is handmade in a Dutch family-run factory established over 5-generations. The latest discovery in our continued exploration of extraordinary metallic finishes, the iridescent sheen is created using a top-secret glaze containing minerals and precious metals. The end result is a striking colour change effect reminiscent of peacock feathers or oil slicks on water.  

The handmade process results in a totally unique and unrepeatable finish for each individual object. No two shades look the same because the glaze fixes to the stoneware in an unpredictable way.  This produces a wide spectrum of colour across each light, ranging from a pale lime to a deep bottle green.

Sold as a single pendant only per different shape. Multiple products are shown per image to illustrate colour variation

Dimensions /
Flat D14 H13cm
Round D11  H13cm
Square D15  H13cm

Wedge D  H13cm

Delivery / 

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

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