J39 - The People's Chair

It is believed that a surplus of wooden pins and dowels in the factory stores led Børge Mogensen to design J39 in 1947. Perhaps that was a fortunate coincidence, as today it is one of Denmark’s most sold wooden chairs, and has been in uninterrupted production ever since it was launched.

J39 is the obvious choice for everything from canteens to conference halls, churches to private homes, and is popularly known as the People’s C
hair. The curved backrest and hand-woven seat make the J39 a comfortable dining chair in an aesthetically pleasing quality.

The subtle design language means that it can be added to an existing interior, or serve as a room’s visual hub. J39 has a solid beech or oak frame. 

It is also available with painted finish, and seat corded with black or natural paper yarn.