Index Hi

The Index is a multipurpose shelving unit that is refined enough for the most sophisticated homes. It is a clean, simple structure with an open graceful presence that compliments any item placed on its shelves. Index can function as a room divider, bookcase, or storage unit. It is understated and elegant in its simplicity yet strong and stable in its construction.

Materials /

Index utilizes a core construction that combines improved strength with lighter weight. Satin anodized aluminum rods use high-quality fasteners that provide substantial support and stability, yet are practically invisible once installed.

The bookcase has unique adjustable glides in the base that can be easily adjusted for leveling on uneven floors.

Options /

Index comes as a two wide, three wide, and four wide as well as a high and low version. Index is offered in a variety of wood veneers.

Delivery / 

Please allow 8 - 10 weeks for delivery.

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