Iittala Graphics is a collection of unique visual expressions from various designers. The series empowers each designer’s creative freedom on a mug as an essential object that is an important part of our daily life. The diversity of the visual expressions provides an exciting variation that allows you to make a personal choice for daily moments, either shared or alone. All mugs come with matching gift box. 

Shaped/Shifted by Christopher DeLorenzo

Black and white illustration by Christopher DeLorenzo, USA. “Many of the original shapes we find in nature are transformed by our touch and our daily lives. We bend and shift them to create a new world where we can live harmoniously." 

Distortion by Merijn Hos

Colourful illustration by Merijn Hos, Netherlands. “I explored the concept of distortion for my design. I wanted to create a different point of view. I believe both the Nordic way of living and Nordic design always does this."

Solid Waves by Magnus Coll Mathiason 

Colourful illustration by Magnus Voll Mathiassen, Norway.   “The patterns reflect the longevity of Nordic design where simple needs meet the delicate, the sophisticated and the bold. All created within a solid, industrial framework with a strong base in craftsmanship.”

Anemone by Ugo Gattoni 

Colourful illustration by Ugo Gattoni, France. “I wanted my design to spark a sense of wonder, so I created a surrealistic, floating composition of sea plants. A dreamy still life drawing, which is both vibrant yet delicate.”

Speckle by Linda Linko’s

In following this year’s theme of ‘Second Nature,’ designer Linda Linko’s colourful mug was inspired by her favourite spot in the forest where there is an ‘endless fight against nature to keep the garden habitable.’ Comfortable handle stays cool. Perfect as a coffee mug or a teacup. Comes in a matching gift box making it a great gift idea.