Part of the ‘Paper & Stone” rug collection by Michael Banks bringing art to the floor with images derived from ink, paint and sculptural inspiration to produce a unique collection of unparalleled beauty.

‘Graffiti 1’ By choosing only how the paint is applied rather than a subject or image to portray, this style of art seen on this rug, enables the onlooker to feel their own way about this which will change from one person to the next, creating a more personal experience between one and their decor.

‘Graffiti 2’ Innocently captures the random drips and splatters caused by a care free hand, forcing the onlooker not to just admire a piece of art but follow the movements that once were.

‘Graffiti 3’ stands as a painterly punch of colour offering an abstract element to the room.

'Graffiti 4' Appealing to the subconscious and evoking your emotions, it creates a sense of motion and atmosphere in the vibrant drips and splatters, rather than depicting an image as such.

Material / 

Digitally printed tufted polyamide rug 

cut pile - saxony

Dimensions /

2000mm x 3000mm

Delivery / 

3-5 days for delivery.  

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