Enzo Lounge Chair

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Sit back and relax.

ENZO is a comfortable and inviting armchair that is distinguished by its compact dimensions. The streamlined shape and reduced thickness of the external shell create a visual lightness; the soft, rounded inside invites you to sit back and relax. Because of its modest character and compact dimensions, ENZO can easily blend in with different interiors – modern, contemporary or classic.

Dimensions /

  • pictured below with line drawing.

Materials /

  • BODY construction: Welded metal frame constructed from curved tubes and strips of various sizes (19 mm, 30 x 3 mm, etc.). Foam: The base is moulded foam in HR polyurethane foam (specific weight: +/- 62 kg/m3). A softer cut HR polyurethane foam with a specific weight of 30 kg/m3 is glued in the back to improve comfort. SEAT construction: welded metal frame composed from 25 x 25 mm tubing. Foam: moulded foam seat in HR polyurethane foam. A cover with memory foam flakes combined with dacron rolls is fitted around the moulded foam seat.

Options /

  • The Enzo is available in both leather and fabric.