Cosy comes from the idea to offer high comfort with a reassuring, warm and familiar gesture.
The timeless lines, soft and all embracing design, adaptability and versatile character make Cosy a padded item that offers the utmost comfort in a wide range of situations, environments and frameworks.
Collection of padded modular elements featuring seats with different depths and lengths; backs with different heights, either aligned or corner compositions; coffee tables and additional cushions.
A highly versatile system designed for consumers to choose their favourite composition that will meet their needs and blend into any setting, environment, style and taste.

Materials /

  • Bearing frame made of solid and multilayer wood, base with elastic belts, feet and concealed hook system.
  • Variable-density foam polyurethane padding and cover in polyester wadding.
  • The fabric covering every part of the sofa is manufactured to enhance the softness of the sofa. In addition, the covers are completely removable.

Dimensions /

  • varies on configuration. 

Delivery /