The base of this glass-topped solid wood coffee table can be configured in many ways to suit the style of the room. Its modular, geometric forms make an intriguing conversation piece.

Materials /

  • Benchmade in Canada in Walnut or White Oak finish
  • 3/8" / 10mm clear tempered glass top
  • Solid wood
  • Choice of clear matte varnish or hand-rubbed oil

Finishes /

  • Varnish - Conversion varnish is a highly protective surface sealer, suitable for high-traffic areas. Speke Klein uses a high-performance clear matte-sheen conversion varnish offering excellent moisture-resistance
  • Oil - A hand-rubbed oil finish penetrates the wood surface enhancing colour and grain. Please note that an oil finish is not as protective or durable as a varnish finish

Dimensions /

  • L 47 in / W 20 in / H 15 in

  • L 1200 mm / W 500 mm / H 380 mm