Look sharp. Sell fast.

We are proud to supply home furnishings and decor to the design experts at In Fine Order

As staging specialists, In Fine Order transforms homes into stylish, warm spaces that buyers can’t help but imagine themselves in. 

When you work with a professional stager, the results speak for themselves. A study from RESA revealed that staged homes spend 73% less time on the market than their un-staged counterparts. 

Why stage your home?
When buyers review your home’s MLS listing or visit your home during a showing, they experience the space in its finest form. Professional stagers use furniture and decor to encourage optimal flow and direct the buyer’s eye to the home’s key features. 

Get to know In Fine Order
In Fine Order is an award-winning, women-owned Saskatchewan business. Their team, led by Shannon Weber, partners with homeowners, builders, real estate agents, and developers in Saskatoon and Prince Albert to create modern, well-appointed, irresistible spaces. 

In Fine Order stages both vacant and occupied homes. For more information, visit them online, or @in fine order