+ It begins with the design

From the birth of a new design idea, many decisions are made by our designers in order to maximize the quality, design and function of the product – and minimize the effects on our environment.

+ Honest materials

We are big fans of natural materials such as wood, leather, marble, veneer, metal, concrete, and wool, and we love to create contrasts with colours, details, humor and surprising combinations to create unique and exciting designs. Our aim is to create high quality furniture than will last for many years.

+ Dressed to impress

Our sofa and furniture fabrics are made of natural and synthetic upholstery, 100% free of heavy metals such as nickel, lead or chromium.
Our leathers are handpicked and carefully selected from around the world and are produced without any use of PCP or CFC. Our leather impregnation fluids are based on water.

+ At the factory floor

At Area, our furniture is designed and hand-built in Canada, The United States and Scandinavian countries as well as selected furniture producers in Asia. We aim to safeguard a good working environment for everyone who works with us, both within our company and at our suppliers at the factory floor.

+ Working at Area

Working at Area is not a job. It is a lifestyle. Our aim is to give customers a first class experience, by personally living with our designs to the inspiration and service in our store. Our corporate culture is honest, creative, flexible, dynamic and results-oriented – we know when we need to work hard and when to celebrate our successes.