Selecting the right furniture

Selecting the right furniture

Selecting the right furniture

How to choose furniture that will stand the test of time

From chuck-wagon-print sofas to carpeted bathrooms, there are more than enough interior design ideas that we hope remain in the past. We all know that trends come and go, and while some are worse than others, they all have one thing in common: -when trends fade away, they leave once-fashionable interiors looking tired and outdated.

To avoid the trend slump and ensure that your home decor is always on point, it’s essential to select the right furniture. No pressure, right? Don’t sweat it — we’ve put together a five-point guide to help you add timeless, beautiful furniture to your home. 



If you want it to last,  high-quality material will go a long way. While particleboard and plastic furniture is widely available and can save you a few dollars, one should equate its mass-produced, disposable nature  to being similar to fast fashion. For the best value for your dollar, steer clear of “fast furniture.”

Fast furniture finishes are  prone to chips, scratches, and deterioration. Low-quality fabrics will quickly pill, fade, and stretch. Beware: even if you find these pieces in a style that is timeless enough to invest in, the chances are that they won’t last.

Instead, look foro furniture that uses durable, time-tested materials.  Dependable materials include solid wood,  wood veneer, glass, ceramic, metal, leather, and marble. Not only can these materials withstand everyday use, but many of them — think solid wood and leather — will actually get better with age and use.Plus, when you choose durable materials, you make a choice in favour of the environment — high-quality furniture can last decades in your home, while cheaply made items are commonly destined for the landfill only after a few years of use. 


Even though Danish and mid-century modern furniture hit their stride in the mid-1900s, these pieces are still highly sought after. Why? Their simplicity allows them to integrate with a variety of decor styles.Think of them as a blank canvas to build upon. Here are a few elements to look for in timeless pieces.

Uncluttered aesthetic:

Minimal embellishments. Obviously, we cannot say enough about the "less-is-more" rule. The rule applies not only to the sheer volume of items we already own in our lives, but also to the embellishments of those pieces. For example, "ornateness" commands attention and draws your eye. A room full of ornate embellishments can make your home look like an antique shop. To complement an older home, or to integrate a new piece into a space with older pieces, look for furniture with a more streamlined, simplified style. 

Gentle curves:

Look toward round table tops, arched chair arms, and organic-shaped elements to offer fluidity,  movement, and eliminate a cold, rigid feel.

Neutral tones:

Generally, neutral colours — black, grey, white, and brown — are your best choices for timeless pieces. However, if you have a statement piece in mind, feel free to explore the world of colour!


If a piece of furniture gets a lot of use, it will naturally feel like it fits in your home and will quickly become a key piece that you cannot imagine life without.

To make sure your new furniture fits with your lifestyle, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the best function for this space? 
  • What do I want to get out of this room? 
  • How do I want to feel while in it?

For example, if you love to host friends and family, a high-quality, extendable dining table would be an excellent and practical choice. 

If you need a living room to relax in, focus your search on deep, soft sofas that are long and low. 

Does your bedroom need work? You may want to look at a bed frame or some space-saving storage solutions.


The easiest way to cultivate a timeless feel is to buy furniture that suits your personal style.. If you love a piece or admire its sentimental value, it will infuse your space with personality, and that’s a design decision that’s guaranteed to be timeless.

Reflect your history:

Your grandmother’s old sofa may be plastered in outdated florals, but if it has good bones, new upholstery can breathe new life into it. 

Have a dresser from childhood that needs a little TLC? Fresh paint or a new finish may be all it needs to make it a perfect fit for your adult home and grown-up style. 

When you choose to update or upcycle furniture, not only is it a decision that’s  environmentally friendly and budget conscious, but it also honours the timeless, irreplaceable memories attached to the pieces. 

Made to order:

It may be a bit more of an investment, but by a custom-made piece ensures that you will end up with furniture that is perfectly suited to your style, and not just to the latest trend. 


It can be difficult to know what we will love a few decades down the road, or — let’s be honest — even in a few months from now. But it never hurts to get a bit of extra advice when you’re looking for furniture that will stand the test of time. 

An interior designer can offer tailored guidance on furniture that not only fits your lifestyle and design vision, but will also last through many home makeovers. We'd love to be part of your process. 

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