Selecting the right sofa

Selecting the right sofa

Selecting the right sofa

Measure twice, cut once.

It’s easy to measure your new sofa’s floor space. However, visual and functional details like seat height, armrest thicknesses, and other features can be harder to pin down. Evaluating your old model will add context to your day-to-day needs.

The overall length of your sofa is often considered the most important part of selecting a new piece, but we should not overlook the importance both design and technical details play. Frame construction, seating fill, and fabric grades should all be a part of the decision making process.

Get the details.

Trying out your prospective sofa can seem awkward. The well-mannered person in you wants to resist rummaging around beautifully displayed sofas in the showroom. Ignore that feeling, and be as thorough as you wish. Come in, ask for a coffee and  lounge like you would at home. It is important to spend time in the pieces you are interested in. 

Sit Down.

Sit in every seat, and do so for at least a few minutes. Consider how you live in your space. Is your room for lounging? Or is your space geared to visiting with friends. Check for comfort and the absence of hard framework and springs. Our designs have many different features, from high-density foam, foam mixed with down, removable fabric, steel frames, or wood frames. Determining how you use your space or if you have an active household will help you narrow down your requirements.

Fabric or Leather?

With modern fabric treatments and high-performance blends, the practicality-gap between fabric and leather has narrowed. That said, if you have pets and very young children, leather is the better choice (especially protected leather), as it is still more durable and easier to clean on an everyday basis. If vibrant colour is high on your list, then fabric will be your best option. The matte of most fabrics adds a contemporary feel to your space, while leather brings with it an extra touch of luxury. Of course, there’s the option of on-trend velvet's for a chic expression. The good news is we have hundreds of fabric and leather swatches waiting for you in store.

Let's talk it out.

Choosing your upholstery and sofa design can be daunting. It’s a choice that is unique to your home and lifestyle. Let's chat about it. If you need help we are happy to come to your home, take measurements and give friendly no-obligation advice – helping you find your perfect sofa.