Piano House | Case Study

Piano House | Case Study

Piano House | Case Study

Concrete, glass and wood surrounds the captivating minimalist private courtyard, to this trapezoidal shaped one of a kind residential vision.

 This single-storey house has a surface of more than 250 sqm and is built on a piece of land of 550 sqm. The trapezoidal shape of the house is due to the existence of nearby constructions, and it is mainly defined by it's clear and concise exterior lines. Located in the suburbs of Chisinau, Moldova. 

Off-white Porcelain tiles (Foster Blanco Plus) stretch throughout the entirety of this interior space. 

Modernity + Classicism 

"Piano House" is best described as neutral, elegant, contemporary and versatile, it embodies the elegance and simplicity of cement with a smooth feel that creates contrasts between modernity and classicism.

An elegant interior courtyard with swimming-pool stands out in LINE Architects´ design, as all the main spaces of the house converge upon it. Glass is also protagonist, functioning of connection bridge between all the spaces.

One of our favourite finishing elements we love about this space is the soft floor to ceiling drapery. Continuing the minimalistic colour pallet, in concrete grey.


Stainless steel cabinetry + countertops are implemented in the open concept kitchen + living area, but without distraction. Matte wood finish kitchen island + work space to bring warmth to the open concept area.

A home that almost seems sculpted for the selfish (or smart? or both?) deliciously designed with the master bedroom + ensuite all on one end of the the property with effortless access to the pool and courtyard. 

Sculpted for the Selfish?

Repeated Design Elements 

 The three design elements that are repeated throughout, is exactly what makes this space have that calm, "getaway", almost "spa-like" feeling and experience.


Home created by LINE Architects´ Mr. Dmitry Petrov, thank you for sharing this project with us. Photographs collect + credited to archdaily.com