How to Create the Perfect Home Office

How to Create the Perfect Home Office

How to Create the Perfect Home Office

New to working form home? You probably see now that your home office design affects not just the look of your workspace, but your efficiency and productivity as well. Luckily, creating the perfect home office is a breeze.


Form Follows Function

These three simple words have the power to put any home design project on the right track, but they especially ring true when it comes to creating the perfect home office design. It was a philosophy of the famous architect Louis Sullivan and it roughly means that if you design with function in mind, the rest of the design will follow.


What will you be doing? Do you do a lot of work that could benefit from extra desk space? Or maybe you could use an extra boost of creativity? Your desk and surroundings should feed into your productivity—especially when it comes to tasks you do frequently.

Will clients be visiting? If yes, you should not only consider your own comfort, but theirs as well. What amenities can be setup to make your clients feel welcome and at ease? This can be as straightforward as investing in some ultra-comfy home office chairs or something a bit outside-the-box, like creating a small coffee bar in an unused corner. 



While it can be overwhelming to realize how many home office desks are on the market, once you understand what you are looking for, finding the right one will be a piece of cake. You should consider not just if the desk fits into your office, but also if it provides enough space to put everything you need and comfortably work on projects. Once you’ve determined what space you need, think about what other features you would benefit from. Maybe you want a minimal and organized office? Cord management is a must. Short on space? A wall mountable desk might be just what the design doctor ordered.