Colour to Consider - 2021 / 2022 Colour Trend Forecasting

Colour to Consider - 2021 / 2022 Colour Trend Forecasting

Colour to Consider - 2021 / 2022 Colour Trend Forecasting

Colour to Consider 

Colour like anything else, can represent and reflect what is going on in the world around us. Colour is thought of and used more than the surface level. With the current political climate, uncertainties and question of the Global Pandemic, we believe the selection of colour we bring in to our homes is important than ever. These are tones with a strong presence selected for this time of change and unpredictability. Ranging from the natural and genuine to the digital, future & saturated.

 Golden Harvest

The merging of three colours beige, ecru + yellow. The combination of this has a familiar appeal and has a grounding feeling, calling to mind our fields of wheat, blanketing our prairie land. As well as retro gold tinted filters that have become the glazing present on social media. Golden Harvest will work best for upholstered furniture and add warmth to fining and communal areas such as living rooms.
The Harvest rug is a hand-braided, natural floor covering, which combines golden jute strands with contrasting thread options to create a relaxed, bohemian design. Versatile and durable, this rug will adapt to many different interior styles, providing a subtle foundation of colour and texture to any space. Handcrafted in India using 100% jute, it is available in three sizes and two colourways. Perfect for entryways, living rooms and bedrooms.


Bloodstone is the biggest representation of the complexities of the world at current — fitting for an increasingly primal, global mood. A versatile tone that carries weight of red + brown. Bloodstone in a modern world will work best is sleek, sophisticated shapes — clean lines — moving away from the typical ”heritage” appearance we have saw time and time again. This is really important in keeping the look and longevity of your furniture timeless.
  Inspired by the U Turn lounge chair, the My Turn is a high-back swivel lounge chair with a discrete circular metal base that rotates smoothly through 360º. The combination of an internal steel frame, injection molded cold foam and a soft down seat make for an inviting and comfortable chair with a tailored appearance. 

Playful geometry gets to work. Use as side table, foot stool, flexible seating, or an impromptu stage. Soft felted wool blend upholstery is available in boatloads of colours.

Dark Springs

For those who are searching for something more special than just black, an alternative — that you can control. Dark Springs has depth, as if it is the deepest black in the right conditions, it offers a green undertone to keep you guess as the daylight alters its form. Green appearing in sunlight. With its depth, Dark Springs is adaptable for any style of furniture you wish for your home. Dark Springs is oozes dark decadence, making it a heavenly combination for velvet furnishings + wall colour.
Just like its bigger brother, it is designed to embrace you. Whether in the office or at home, its luxurious look invites you to sit down comfortably. Exactly the way you want, without compromising its contemporary aesthetic. Its tranquil silhouette is like a blank canvas, ready to define your personal world. With or without buttons in the backrest, with either a contemporary wood or brushed metal base, the artisanal details express your character, and that of the space.
 Berit Mogensen Lopez, based in Copenhagen Denmark, graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2001 with a degree in fashion and textile design. She worked in the fashion industry for many years, designing clothes and prints. Her collection of hand-tuftet carpets started her way into the interior business designing textiles for bigger companies. For digital prints she uses selected elements from her unique paper collages or from her expressive paintings.  


Offering true versatility, Aqua was Coloro’s (One of the world’s leading colour coding experts) 2021 colour of the year. Aqua has to ability to have the appeal of durable + trend forward. Aqua is an emotional tone with addition of adding focus + clarity to your space. A.I. Aqua has become trans-seasonal. Blue has an inherently natural quality, like a summer sky, the saturation in aqua takes it to a digitally enhanced “bluer-than-blue” appearance that takes us straight in to the future of 2021.
Introducing a limited edition design collaboration from Gus* Modern and textile visionaries LUUM. This covetable collection re-imagines the Gus* Modern Halifax Chair and Porter End Table in playful colour combinations inspired by three bold hues of Knurl, a texturally captivating fabric from LUUM - designed for work, rest, and play. Vibrant colour-ways were influenced by the work of the Memphis Design Group, a pioneering Italian collective from the 1980s known for their offbeat approach to design. The result is a series of alluring designs that explore the creative possibilities of fabric and furniture, exploring form and texture in bold new ways.

Electric Magenta

Electric Magenta is an invigorating colour with an unreal edge, like a computer-generated version of berry tone. While it may seem unusual for autumn/winter, it’s only a few shades away from more classic tones of red and burgundy, making it unexpectedly relatable for the season.
Named after its expression. Clean lines and uncomplicated elegance make Baseline an obvious starting point for the interior decoration of of your living room. Baseline is the epitome of quality, comfort and classic design. Plus double the flexibility. With its stylistically consistent simplicity, Baseline glides effortlessly into any interior. Moreover, we have produced it in a varied series with corners, centre elements, stools and chaise-lounge which provide almost unlimited possibilities for individual combinations. Build the modules in systems - or choose them as free-standing furniture
The original goes outdoor. The outdoor blends in perfectly with your stylish outdoor furniture and has that extra twist which makes your garden, balcony or terrace unique. Enjoy this outdoor bean bag chair uv resistant made with sunbrela by Fatboy.