Creating a Peaceful Bedroom

Creating a Peaceful Bedroom

Creating a Peaceful Bedroom

Considered living is an ethos that encourages us to reclaim time and thought for what we value most. It is about identifying the things and people we can not live without, and cultivating spaces devoted to whatever brings us meaning. While the considered approach to living is subject to each persons aspirations, it always finds its foundation in our deepest values. 

Whether we live in a studio apartment or a sprawling Ranch House, creating a "considered" home for our well-being isn't always often top of mind. However, for all the time we spend in our homes, it should be! In this post, we'll give you some simple pointers toward making a more considered home. 

If you are laying in bed this morning, with no room-service, no coffee-boy (or girl), in anything less than your dream bedroom it probably could use some TLC. So here are a few tips on creating your own restful get-away.



We talked about colour in our last post, and if it matters anywhere, it matters in your bedroom. Choose restful colours for the walls such as soft-whites, light blues or dark greys. Avoid yellow (promotes frustration), red (incites energy and excitement), black (emo kids... melancholy), and orange (makes you hungry), dark brown (promotes feelings of restraint and depression). Restful, warm colours create a sense of comfort and connection and help put you at ease before bed.



Put your lights on dimmers. This will allow you to adjust light levels to match the occasion: simple night reading, a romantic getaway. Install room-darkening shades or curtains to ensure that light does not get in during your sleeping hours.




An often overlooked element to your bedroom is aromatherapy which can promote a more restful environment. The trick is to keep it light! Scent is an important part of your memory, and it can train and trigger calming responses. The following are popular aromatherapy scents: bergamot (reduces anxiety), sandalwood (decongestant, insomnia), jasmine (a natural anti-depressant, confidence), cinnamon (for focus and mental energy), and mint (for clean thinking).



Get rid of "the stuff". Reducing the visual noise in your space will unquestionably promote a sense of calm. Clear the clutter, and put things where they belong. A clean space makes for better peace of mind. (Not to mention, it cuts down on germs.)




This should be fairly obvious, but investing in good linens is a smart move considering how much time you spend between the sheets. Look for breathable fabrics. I have an affinity toward Bamboo Cottons. The fibers are quite long which means that there is less piling of the fabric than in the cheaper varieties of cotton, and if you have allergies or sensitive skin, bamboo cotton is a great choice. Consider adding soft area rugs next to the bed, and keep soft robes close at hand.



If you are really serious about your well-being remove all distracting devices, period. If you can't hide it in a cupboard, dresser, or night-stand then it probably should not be in your sleeping space. Televisions, flashing lights from alarm clocks, computers, and smart phones all have a direct correlation with lighter and more disruptive sleep cycles. You’ll feel more rested if you allow yourself to disconnect, and your well-being is really all this about isn't it?