Considered Living

Considered Living

Considered Living

Considered living is an ethos that encourages us to reclaim time and thought for what we value most. It is about identifying the things and people we can not live without, and cultivating spaces devoted to whatever brings us meaning. While the considered approach to living is subject to each persons aspirations, it always finds its foundation in our deepest values. 

Whether we live in a studio apartment or a sprawling Ranch House, creating a "considered" home for our well-being isn't always often top of mind. However, for all the time we spend in our homes, it should be! In this post, we'll give you some simple pointers toward making a more considered home. We will look at the living spaces think living room, dining room and offer a few simple tips to make them healthier (and happier) places.


Canada is a country that logs very little sunlight for much of the year. Try maximizing the use of natural lighting, which is key to improving your mood and reducing your stress. If your house is dark use lighting that replicates natural light or utilize mirrors opposite the windows which will reflect the light and also exaggerate the size of your room.


Move your prized possessions in the room to a place of prominence. The joy it brings you will fill the room with joy for others. I have placed all of my favourite small items in to the rooms I spend the most time in. Not only do I appreciate them more, the guests in our home fall for them too. 


Lose the dark beige and brown paint. Move to white or cool shades to alleviate visual weight and stress. You can never go wrong with grey, ivory, or blue. Again, we are surrounded by darkness much of the year. Keeping your space light and airy is key to improving your overall mood and reducing stress.



Quality is key. Shop for eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic products that will last. Support the economy you live in. Shop local. Know what you are putting your money into. Your possessions will have so much more personal value if your purchasing decisions are as considered as your home. Be thoughtful about what you allow into your life. 


Fill your spaces with life. Bringing in living things into your space will improve your mood and instantly brighten your day. Additionally, consider houseplants that actually purify the air. Check out all these options: aloe, spider plant, gerber daisy, snake plant, golden pothos, chrysanthemums, red-edged dracaena, ficus trees, azaleas, and English ivy. If you have pets, double check with a green-thumb professional before you choose.