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July 19, 2019

50 shades of Beige.

A colour so conservative, yet completely flexible has taken over, like never before. Beige, the colour where brown (warmth) & white (crisp) meet and come together to create the most understated and versatile colour of all.


We love a history lesson on design & colour. Historically there has been some confusion about the colour beige. In the early 19th century, ecru–the colour name came from the French word for raw or unbleached–referred to exact same shade as beige. Around 1950, interior designers changed ecru to avoid mix-ups. Other colours that are often used describing beige include khaki, buff, ivory, off-white and desert sand. The very first time we hear of “beige” is in 1887, by the author Edmond de Goncourt in his novel, La Fille Elisa.


In the past, beige was looked at as “boring” and “dull”, but does the colours and shapes we crave and bring in to our home mean something much bigger than just that? With the world’s current harsh political climate and having an arms reach to oversaturated negative news outlets, a person can’t help but wonder, do we just want a space that makes us feel calm, neutral, safe and relaxed? We've taken care of the legwork and have curated the most delicious shades of beige in our hottest pieces. Shop the shop, walk the walk.


Shop 50 Shades of Beige collection below:

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