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Area provides personalised service and product expertise with access to modern and contemporary home furnishings sources from a global assortment of designers.

As a supporter of Canadian manufacturing and design, we work closely with specialists to create conemporary spaces that balance formaility with nostalgia and modernisim.

Designed with longevity in mind; we choose quality materials, employ durable fabricating methods and employ design aesthetics that will stand the test of time.

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The Office at Home

Long-lasting disruptions in our day-to-day push us to rethink our values and the accepted way. In these unprecedented times, we’re altering how we consider, use, and furnish our spaces. What is home in the new decade?

Once, just a space for rest, relaxation and entertaining, today HOME is the venue for nearly all facets of our everyday life and nothing more-so than the new home office. Monday morning meetings, Zoom calls, and a kitchen table full of paper-work. Let us help you get ready for the multipurpose evolution.

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